Northern Love Letters

Beautiful hand-made giant illuminated letters
The perfect lighting for your event

We build giant illuminated letters for hire at your wedding or event, we have the entire alphabet in stock with many letters doubled or trebled. Based in Cumbria, we are also able to supply any lettering to order that you might require. We deliver to, set up and collect the letters from your event.

Giant Illuminated Letters in various colours

All our letters are hand-made in our Carlisle workshop, we pride ourselves on our quality and have now constructed over 60 letters which we have in stock

Giant Love Letters


We use all LED bulbs in our letters so there is no glass to smash and they are completely cold to the touch for any little prying fingers. Each letter typically uses less than 30W so they are very efficient.

Dumfries High School Prom

Story of Love

Circus Lettering at Austin Friars Prom

Pink Love

Outside LOVE

SHINE Letters



Dance Letters

Red Love Bar Letters

Love Cumbria


MR&MRS F Letters

Love Cumbria

Diamond Dogs

MR&MRS on the Bridal Catwalk

V & G at Elgin

Bond Theme

Our letters come with colour-changing LED bulbs which can be set to any colour (including white) or flash/fade so they look fantastic in any setting

MR&MRS Giant Illuminated Letters at Vintage Wedding Fair

Giant Illuminated Love Letters

Our Prices

Our simple pricing allows you to easily work out the cost of hiring letters. 3ft LOVE is 49 to hire and large letters are 29 per letter. We also offer discounts if you order 3 or more letters. Delivery to and collection from your event is free unless you are outside Carlisle when it is just 1.50 per mile from the city. This includes setup of the letters at your event, your choice of bulbs and all necessary organisation to make sure the letters look great. Please contact us to book your letters, 2018 dates are filling up fast!


4ft Initials (eg. A&B) 79
4ft LOVE 99
4ft MR&MRS 149

New Items

We are now offering FULL surnames with a 1 or 2ft MR&MRS that sits on top. These are the ultimate expression you can make in letters. Proving popular so far this year, please drop us a line and we will do our best to fit you in.


MR&MRS MCFARLANE in blue/yellow

MR&MRS LISTER in white

MR&MRS BARKER in rainbow

MR&MRS ALLEN on balcony

This Giant heart is also available for hire. Standing 4ft tall and 5ft wide this has been beautifully hand-crafted and sprayed in clean white, available as ever with our colour-changing LED bulbs.



FULL SURNAMES 199 (up to 10 letters)


Hiring our letters is easy, simply send us a message with your required letters, venue and date and we will immediately send you a quote based on the prices shown here (plus possibly a discount). We take just a 50 deposit to book the letters out for the day with full balance due any time up to one week prior to delivery. You are welcome to pay up-front and can be sure your money is safe as we use PayPal for all transactions, you will receive an invoice with all the details which you can pay with your own PayPal or any debit/credit card with no charge. All payments are covered by the PayPal money-back guarantee to ensure you get what you order (just like E-Bay)
Main letters are 4ft tall, exact dimensions are 1260mm(h)x850mm(w)x210mm(d). If you are ordering quite a number of letters, it quickly becomes a large display. If you work on around 1m of wall space for each letter you are ordering that leaves a little space between each one for a nicer effect. The letters are constructed from 18mm MDF with a face and back so all wiring is enclosed and each letter has a lead and plug and socket on the back so they can be daisy-chained together. The letters are strong, you can even sit on top of them in most cases (don't try this with P or F - they'll fall over!) and if there is an accident and they get knocked over they should only take minor damage which we can repair. They are, however, quite heavy (up to 20kg) so they are best placed up against the wall and kids encouraged not to pull them on top of themselves! Each letter is finished in gloss white, they can take the odd nick or scratch in transport but we try to keep the letters touched up regularly so they look great for every outing.
We generally use RGB LED B22 bulbs. These are a mains bulb with a switch-mode power supply that converts to low voltage for a CREE LED which can be set to any colour (including white) or flash/fade individually by remote. We normally leave several remotes and don't worry too much if you lose them, we have lots. These are great fun for people to play with and change the colours and with 16 shades and 3 brightness levels, you can normally find something you like. We will also leave a spare bulb or two tucked down behind the letters just in case but the bulbs are very reliable and we have not had one go whilst in use as yet. They are completely cold to the touch with a plastic diffuser on the face so harmless to any prying fingers. Obviously don't remove the bulbs and stick your fingers in the light socket though, that's gonna shock just like any other!
We will normally liaise with the venue to arrange the delivery and collection of the letters so that you don't have to worry and will generally try to deliver the night before if possible or first thing in the morning, depending on the availability of the venue and our schedule. We use a custom-built trailer to deliver the letters normally which saves running a van and keeps the costs down. Letters can be moved by you once they are in place just be careful as they can be heavy and tricky if you are not used to them
Our Company
We are just a small family business, we started in 2015 when a friend in a Wedding Band showed us the idea for the letters and since then, their popularity has grown and we have ended up with nearly 60 letters in stock. Kevin runs the business primarily with a little help from wife Anna and kids Eva and Daisy on occasion. All letters are constructed in a workshop behind our home and delivered by the family car. We both still work full time so it's an extra side business at the moment but Kevin is hoping to move part time shortly to get a little bit of time off as it can get really busy especially during the summer weekends. We've done our very best to keep the costs down so that everyone can enjoy the letters and we can continue to grow. We enjoy seeing them out and like the smiles they bring to people's faces. Let's face it, it's not going to make us millionaires but it is good fun and the money you pay doesn't go to a big corporation or lining a millionaire's pockets, it ultimately tends to get spent on those little extras that make our family time a bit more fun, very much like the job the letters are doing really :)

Letters to buy

We were very lucky to have been approached this year by London and Whipsnade Zoo who commissioned us to build some 5ft letters for their Zoo Nights events to be permanently located in an area outside at the Zoo. This was a new thing for us as all our existing letters are wooden so we decided to construct from laser-cut acrylic. The end result was fantastic with the letters fully constructed from UV-neutral white acrylic and running on low voltage so no problems with the letters being outside

Zoo nights

This has left us in the position of being able to offer letters for sale. Prices are as follows:
4ft Acrylic letters: 500
5ft Acrylic letters: 625
6ft Acrylic letters: 750

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Story of Love


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