Custom Light Up Letter Event Hire

With over 100 Light Up Letters available for hire we can write almost anything for your event. As we also build all of our own letters if you need anything extra or special, just let us know and if we can build it we will!

Your Event Message in Lights!

Type your message below to see it in light up letters. Play around until its perfect!

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Light Up Letter Event Hire

Do you have something personal to say? Maybe it’s the launch of a new company or a party of some kind? Whatever it is, say it with giant light up letters!

As we are one of a few companies in the UK who have the full alphabet several times over. we can create any wordings you wish for your event! 

The pricing for our custom light up letters are as follows. For 10 or less letters £269 with extra letters costing £35 each. Plus delivery.

Please also note that each light up letter is 3ft wide, so think about your venue of choice and its available space.

Corporate Events Hire

We have supplied some amazing letters for corporate events hire over the years with our light up letter hire From brand names, plays & pantomimes, bridal cat walk shows and even stadium sized events!

If you’re after something more permanent, Check out our builds page for custom builds. We have even built bespoke letters for the Rugby Cup Final in Newcastle and some for London Zoo!

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