Pixel Creations Giant LED Love Heart

Pixel Creations

Of all the lighting options we offer Giant LED Love Heart which is part of our pixel creations service is probably the most colourful and customisable. You can walk underneath the arches too, meaning it provides a great photo opportunity and can make an impressive gateway to your reception space.

For example, our 8ft x 8ft heart is filled with 1,300 programmable LEDs (also known as pixels), that can display words, patterns and various effects. This allows unmatched creativity for your wedding or event and will be an impressive talking point amongst your guests.

They can be delivered pre-programmed for you, or you can let your imagination run wild on the day by changing the display via your own password-protected web page. Anyone with the password can control the heart, so you could even let a few guests in on the fun…if you’re brave enough!

Giant LED Love Heart & Your Creative Ideas

We’re really excited by the new technology that is emerging with pixel creations, so if you have any creative ideas for using it as part of your wedding, no matter how crazy or bold, we would love to hear them. You can find out how to contact us on our contact page.

Looking to add giant light up letters to your wedding? Head over to our light up letters for weddings page. They’re the perfect match for our Giant LED Love Heart. We have over 100 light up letters available!

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